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Founded in March 2020. The Indigenous Support Project was originally a Canadian only charity, since our launch we have decided to take our work internationally. TISP is a small group that focuses on providing relief materials as well as cultural education to various Indigenous communities around the globe. We help individuals and youth in the Toronto area with food security, cultural education, peer support, community outreach and much more! We also network to help those in other countries such as New Mexico, Nepal and Bangladesh and newly Peru. Our work is dedicated to funding and delivering charitable services with an Indigenous twist! Integrating knowledge of Western and Indigenous traditional agriculture & farming, food security, traditional land-based knowledge, water purification, housing rights, environmental issues, environmental ethics, land reclaims, social justice, education about Indigenous peoples and SO much more, are just some of the services we provide. We are made to help assist or educate any age group and we truly strive to inspire & improve the lives of those who need assistance in any of these areas. Much like the medicine wheel all our services are all connected, and we hope to continue to expand & provide as much cultural support as we can!

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