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The chances we take today, forever change our tomorrow.

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Ground Work!

Our Covid Care Bags were put together by our team for those who are expecting a struggle with housing loss, finances, addiction and/or mental health. Each bag packed with love, and a personalized message from our team members! Every bag is packed with waters, masks, protein and cereal bars, wet wipes, fresh socks, tooth brush, tooth paste and feminine hygiene products for those who requested it. If you or someone you know would like to make a donation or volunteer with us, please visit our Instagram page or contact us Via email.


Community Building

In addition to our Covid Care Bags, we have added home cooked food and traditional meals to ground work foundation. Home cooked and traditional meals offer a healing aspect to many, as it is not something that is easily accessible. Our team prepares with lots of home made sandwiches, scone dogs( traditional Indigenous food -TIF), bannock (TIF), wild rice and berries (TIF) oatmeal, soup and always fresh fruit, water, and snack bars! 
Donate today, for a better tomorrow. 


Local and International relationships

Our partnerships with other Indigenous led organizations are of some of the up most important relationships for us to have. We are honoured to partner up with our fellow international Indigenous people’s, and communities. With partnerships we are able to extend our work across the North American boarder as well as across the world. We truly hope to bring inspiration and lasting change for all, especially our indigenous youth. 

Check out our partnership section for more information. 

Soup Kitchen

Helping Others with Food

Here at TISP we strongly believe in food security, and having access to good healthy food. Food is our medicine and for this reason we have partnered with University of Toronto's Student Emergency Food Bank to create a physical food bank for all to access. We hope through our new food bank program we are able to educate and share traditional knowledge about the importance of eating good, the uses food has, and of course the importance of food security especially in the Indigenous communities. Our food bank launch is March 6th-12th! 
For more info please contact us!

Food Bank forms coming soon
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Our goal is to be a family of various Indigenous people and youth across the world seeking to create lasting change for the future and love of the lands and Indigenous cultures. With this project we can work towards having cleaner water, a cleaner earth, with less discrimination, all while helping to restore Indigenous rights, cultures, and identities. All across the globe. The impacts our organization has had on not only us but the communities and individuals we’ve helped, have changed the mindset of many. Indigenous solidarity is rising. 

Planning for the future

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations”
– Dr. Mae Jamison

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